The Centauri Age: Logan Rainehart – Chapter 1

Hello All!

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’m glad to be back!

We are about to enter a new universe that me and my buddy, Edgar Hernandez, have created. This story will deal with how the explosion of a meteor from the Alpha Centauri system alters the lives of the average citizen living in America and later, the world. This story follows Logan Rainehart, an artist and a red sox fanatic who is at the world series when the meteor crashes in New York City, leveling it to the ground.

I hope you enjoy his story.

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Author’s Motivation – Never Out of The Fight.

As long as you’re still in the fight, you have a chance to make all your dreams come true. Don’t worry about what others think of you. It’s not their dreams, it’s yours. It’s even more true if you’re a writer. Not everyone will like your material, but someone will. Hell, I write because I like my material. That’s reason enough for me.

Job’s killing me, so I’ll have to update soon.
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Author’s Perspective: Writing about Stranger Things

I look at authors like I look at the Gods.

The Gods created every detail and every piece of fabric in the world. The readers are skeptical of what we bring to the table ideally. Not every reader is that way. Some will welcome your material with open arms. Others will find every excuse to reject your work.

So it’s your duty as a writer to guide them into your world. They have to think that in your world of creation, that waking up in a bathtub full of blood ready to fight or cower from a monster can actually happen. How does this work?

Well the narrator is in the world of creation. Two things make a world believable. Consistency and Recognition. If a world is full of combat, then the fighting can’t go away for a very long period of time. If the world has magic, then it has to have consistent magic. Not selective magic, where it only comes up sometimes.  I understand explaining how it works, but this would have to be explained throughout the story if it’s going to be like that. Can’t rush it, make it believable. Let’s see the flower petals float around your protagonist while they cut into her enemies. But explain why she is special compared to other characters. Make clear why she is one of the strange ones.

Recognition comes in with narration. If a character is special and we have determined why, don’t allow us to forget why. And if his lack of being special is what we are supposed to notice, don’t let us forget that either. But it would be easier to allow extraordinary things to happen around or protagonist. Make his day weirdly good or bad, and let them notice. Once they notice things are strange, the reader will and you know what? They start to believe in not only the world, but your character.

Your pen is the mightiest weapon in your arsenal, use it.

Happy Writing,


Author’s Perspective: The Importance of a Rival

My greatest rival is my older brother.

We have done everything together. Played video games,  football, wrestled… but I always found myself looking up at him. In social aspects, he’s the absolute best. No one can match him with the gift of gab and he has as much charisma as the Sean Connery version of James Bond. He was definitely someone who could enjoy a good brawl back in the day. That’s why he trains in boxing. Continue reading “Author’s Perspective: The Importance of a Rival”

NaNoWriMo Day 07 – NWA

It’s November 7th, which means this is one complete week into NaNoWriMo, and I’ve been writing a lot every day. So far, I’ve managed to write every single day without miss, hitting the number of words just as expected.  Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Day 07 – NWA”

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